I Cleaned Out My Closet

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

This is one of those life-events when I *should* have taken before and after photos, but...
I didn't. 

I did take an "in process" photo-- although it really doesn't even remotely do the gigantic purge justice. I think that after clearing out our bedroom and the guest room closet upstairs, Jeremy hauled a few trash bags full of my old rags off to the donation center. 

Seriously though, I finally decided that I was never EVER going to put on some of those short-waisted shirts combined with the high-waisted skirts from the late 90s EVER again. If it makes its way back onto the style scene, my abs are not the same 2 babes later. 

Isn't there something that just feels good about purging unnecessary things? I didn't used feel this way, but as I get older I turn into my mother wiser, those things just take up space and they certainly don't hold any sentimental value anymore. Now ask me about those two sippy cups that I tried to toss last week but put back after I choked back the tears. Apparently I am attached to sippy cups. 

It isn't really the sippy cups though, is it? My heart is tied to my family now and the memories that I cherish with them-- not all of the junk that I accumulated in my pre-wife/pre-mommy phase of life. Don't get me wrong, I still have plenty of "stuff," it just doesn't carry the same weight of importance anymore. 

I wish that I could tell you that all of my closets are all cleared out, but they aren't yet. I will probably work through them one at a time throughout the spring and summer. I'm sure that it will feel amazing to unload all of the extra baggage that we've been carting around for years. I wonder why I wasn't ready to get rid of it earlier? There is likely some deep, life-altering truth in the answer, but I think that at the core, I'm content with my life overall. When you abide in peace and contentment, I think that you crave less "stuff" and crave more simplicity.

At least that's how it all works for me. 

It's Been Awhile

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Blogging is complicated these days, which makes me not want to write because I cherish simplicity. Really what I want is a place to put all of me instead of only parts of me. I started the Lovespun Studio blog to post all of my fabric/creative endeavors. Over at A Happy Trip, I post my travel news. But really, I just end up not sharing much of anything in either space because I feel too limited in what I can say there.

So can this space be my "collect all?" Can you give me I give myself permission to write about my Zippy! updates and post them here? Or can I tell you about new fun travel destinations or the best desserts at Walt Disney World if I want to? It doesn't make any business sense to do that-- but it makes peace for my heart. Weird, right? Honestly, the older I get the less I feel like I have to play by the rules that make sense to everyone else. I just have to do what brings peace to me.

These past couple of weeks have been a little emotional. These "mothering in the middle years"-- they are emotionally lonely sometimes. When your kiddos are still itty bitty and they are figuring out life {or more accurately, YOU are trying to figure out their little lives for them}, there is a freedom to share all of the minutely frustrating details of the struggle with the world because it feels more like it's your burden to share.

Yet, as our children grow, their burdens become theirs to carry and ours to bear with them-- alongside them, but no longer FOR them. And with that comes a supreme responsibility for us to guard their privacy and their intimate hurts-- even if we are hurting too because to be their safe abiding place they must trust that we really do hold their hearts and their hurts with intentionally cherished tenderness.

I should probably elaborate on that more-- or give this thought its own post, but I will wait and do that another day when (or if) I have the mental stamina to do so.

It's been well over a year since I stepped onto this blog, but I think that I'm going to stick around for a while.  I've written before that blogging has become such a function of marketing, that it has lost {for me} most of it's innate ability to be a point of connection with the world or even a place of freedom for my soul. Let's see if this blog can make the act of "blogging" feel more like my own little haven once again.

Please Say "NO" to Human Trafficking at the Happiest Place on Earth

Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm a Disney fan to nth degree. When people say that Disneyland/World is the "happiest place on Earth," I exuberantly agree. For me each visit to Disney World is an opportunity to escape into a endless fantasy land where I get to play, relax, giggle and just savor every magical moment. The wonder and excellence of it all inspires me, while the vision and dream of one man to unleash this empire makes me gasp in awe. Even my littlest punkin' gives Walt two-thumbs up.

Only here's the thing, every time we go I get all excited to jump on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with my family-- after all, it's a CLASSIC! It's filled with treasure and loot and cannons and misty-caverns, but without fail we round a bend and get to this:


In the middle of a boat filled with families ingesting the swash-buckling tale, I get gut-punched with the image of women being tied up and sold. The last time I consulted with my conscience, women being auctioned off to the highest bidder is not an occasion suitable for our entertainment any more than animatronic African Americans set in a plantation would prove amusement material. The thought makes my stomach lurch. It's almost too painful to even put in black-and-white letters.

I'm as guilty as the rest of the world. I stifle the uneasy feeling that I get when we pass as I try to logic  that I'm being overly sensitive. Only am I? I don't think so. Which is why I'm writing this now.

Every image that depicts human slavery in jest allows us to further abdicate our responsibility to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves. These scenes falsely represent slavery as a thing of storybook tales. Only more people are enslaved throughout the world today than in any other period of history. I shudder. 

So why then do we delight in this fallacious fairy tale? Because asking for change means speaking up and quite possibly, standing out. It means bucking convention and being the real-life hero of the day.

I wonder if the irony is lost on pimps and traffickers who take their girls on trips to Disney's amusement parks? {And YES, this does happen!} And the girls? Why wouldn't it look as if sex trafficking is the thing of only our wildest stories? Isn't that what we show them every day? That their reality is all a facade? That they can't possibly be slaves or have a price on their bodies?

Even when it's right there before us-- in the "happiest place on Earth"-- we choose to turn our heads and close our hearts. To be certain, there is a difference between ignorance and willful propaganda. I hope that as the modern day plight of slavery surfaces that Disney will thoughtfully reconsider the message that it sends out to the thousands upon thousands of people that it influences each day. After all, they have our attention. So let's not waste the opportunity to do what is right.

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