Why Use a Travel Planner?

Have you ever used a travel agent before? I hadn’t. At least not up until the month before I decided to become one myself.
I didn’t understand what a travel agent does or how it even works to use one. In all honesty, a travel agency brought to mind a dusty corner shop filled with European travel posters and fax machines. {I’ve probably seen too many episodes of The Americans, but I’m just sayin’.}
If you love spending hours planning and researching and enjoy handling all of the little details about your getaways, then you totally don’t need a travel agent. {I know, because obviously, that was me.} Unless, of course, you love spending hours planning, researching and handling those little details and you want someone to bounce those ideas off of who helps to make sure that no details goes unnoticed. That just makes the process so much more fun!
If you long to get away somewhere, but don’t have a clue where to start looking and are afraid that when you do “find a great deal” that once you arrive you will end up in a mold-infested shanty on coast of nowhere, then you definitely DO need a travel agent. 😉
Planning a vacation that you will feel is worth the investment that you put into it is the most important reason to come alongside a travel professional.
So let’s demystify how it works when you call a travel agent and let’s start by putting this out there: It doesn’t typically cost the customer anything to utilize a travel agent’s services when you book a trip through them! Nada. Zip. Zilch.*

A travel agent works in much the same way as a real estate agent when you are searching for a house. A real estate agent gets paid from the sale of the house– not from the pocket of their client. A travel agent gets paid from the sale of travel– not from the pocket of their client either. Not only do we want to find you an amazing vacation, trip or getaway, but any awesome travel agent truly does want to find you the perfect fit that offers the best value.
Often when you utilize a TA for your trip, customizable payment plans are available to you as well!
At Paradise Falls Travel Company, my job {and my joy!} is to help you plan a great trip. If you want more customized planning such as a custom trip itinerary, scheduling dining reservations, booking shore excursions and FastPass+ bookings, those premium services are available for an additional service fee. Consultation and advice are ALWAYS complementary. Additionally, we provide you with inside tips and personalized service from the time you book until the time you return home from your trip.
Do you need even more personalized attention? A boutique travel agency like ours is created specially to craft even more detailed packages, offer planning services to those who have booked on their own and even present personalized guided travel for an additional fee.
No trip is too large or too small to utilize a travel agent. If you would love help planning your next trip, we will be right here!


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