Long Time No Type

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sometimes a day slips by without notice. Then a week turns into a month and months morph into one long year that has gently faded away without so much as a whispered goodbye.

Sometimes the sweetest gift is the long silence.

Sometimes that year is also a little bit less settling than one might suspect. Last year was a year for growing and changing, but it certainly was not a year for auto-piloting on the path to fulfilling my dreams. I'm entirely OK with that. When we auto-pilot sometimes we cruise in the wrong direction.

I've wrestled with finding my place in life. Perhaps I'm being presumptuous, but I would hedge my bets that you have too. I find myself restless and uncomfortable, like perhaps I'm that special princess who has a pea poking me underneath a pile of mattresses, but I can't figure out why I can't settle down and cozy in without all that obnoxious wriggling to find my perfect spot.

But friends, it is SO worth fighting through the discomfort to get to the place where you begin to feel free to step out. Really, it is. I'm about to step out. It's scary and looks SO utterly different than I thought it would look. Yet the peace in just moving forward-- THAT is what life is about. Moving forward when God says "GO!"

I'll spill more soon, but first, please head over to my new Facebook page here. I will still post on my personal page, but I'll be doing FB lives and interacting more with people over there. I don't want to take this ride alone, so please {For the LOVE, PRETTY PLEASE!} come along and join me.

What season are you in today? Know that each one serves a purpose and be encouraged to be part of the process rather than fighting against it.

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