I Cleaned Out My Closet

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

This is one of those life-events when I *should* have taken before and after photos, but...
I didn't. 

I did take an "in process" photo-- although it really doesn't even remotely do the gigantic purge justice. I think that after clearing out our bedroom and the guest room closet upstairs, Jeremy hauled a few trash bags full of my old rags off to the donation center. 

Seriously though, I finally decided that I was never EVER going to put on some of those short-waisted shirts combined with the high-waisted skirts from the late 90s EVER again. If it makes its way back onto the style scene, my abs are not the same 2 babes later. 

Isn't there something that just feels good about purging unnecessary things? I didn't used feel this way, but as I get older I turn into my mother wiser, those things just take up space and they certainly don't hold any sentimental value anymore. Now ask me about those two sippy cups that I tried to toss last week but put back after I choked back the tears. Apparently I am attached to sippy cups. 

It isn't really the sippy cups though, is it? My heart is tied to my family now and the memories that I cherish with them-- not all of the junk that I accumulated in my pre-wife/pre-mommy phase of life. Don't get me wrong, I still have plenty of "stuff," it just doesn't carry the same weight of importance anymore. 

I wish that I could tell you that all of my closets are all cleared out, but they aren't yet. I will probably work through them one at a time throughout the spring and summer. I'm sure that it will feel amazing to unload all of the extra baggage that we've been carting around for years. I wonder why I wasn't ready to get rid of it earlier? There is likely some deep, life-altering truth in the answer, but I think that at the core, I'm content with my life overall. When you abide in peace and contentment, I think that you crave less "stuff" and crave more simplicity.

At least that's how it all works for me. 

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