Some Days Are A Crapshoot

Monday, January 20, 2014

Well, well, well…
We meet again, Mr. Monday. 
Do tell me? Did you know that today was going to be a crapshoot? 
I certainly didn't suspect it. 

After spending all day in bed with nausea after a botched blood draw yesterday, 
I envisioned happier times today. Apparently I was wrong. 
So very very wrong. 

Why did Parker wake up with a cold? 
Should homework really cause so much frustration and anxiety? 
And let's not forget the smashed Lego set under the stairs prompted me to fall to the floor and sob too. Hours of hard work, bulldozed. 

So yes, today is a crapshoot.

Thank goodness for do-overs and grace and coffee and hugs. 

Here's to more joy{full} musings tomorrow. 
For now, I'm off to fold laundry. 
Let the good times roll.

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