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Friday, January 17, 2014

I can't ALWAYS post about serious stuff…because, well, quite frankly it wouldn't fill me back up. Sometimes I need to step away from the deep and step into a world of color and joy. {As if you didn't already know this about me!}

If you haven't received an official Facebook invitation, I'm putting it out here to let you know that my friend, Stephanie O'Connor, is elated to have been selected as a new Trunk Keeper for the exquisite Matilda Jane Clothing! Congratulations to her and YAY for all of us! I swoon over MJC.

Matilda Jane is an incredible women and girls' clothing company that boasts eclectic blends of buttons, ruffles, stripes and patterns in a perfectly muted array of colors. My favorite thing about MJC is that the clothing is made out of buttery knit fabric that is a glorious balance of stretch and softness. This gives you beautiful pieces that not only look spunky and sweet, but make washing and wearing time and again a breeze. {That's a MUST for this momma!}

So mark your calendars to…

SAVE THE DATE: February 11th

Leave a comment here {or on Facebook or Instagram} and I will be sure send you an invite to the party! You don't even have to wiggle out of your pi's. I will be available that day to answer questions. You can also click HERE to add yourself to the event page. {if it gives you any hassles, please let me know!}

ALSO~ If you spend $100 or more, I will throw in a Lovespun Scrappy Mini Bunting {pictured below}! Perfect to accessorize a MJC photo shoot, a bedroom or an adorable birthday party.

What are you waiting for? I hope that you can come! The new line kicks off on February 1st, so I will be posting some of my favorites and you can start building your wish list to have ready when the party opens on February 11th. Hip Hip Hooray!

Here's to a happy Friday!

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