Christmas 2013

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's OK to take a writing break now and then just to share some sweet Christmas photos, right? Yeah, well, even if it's not, I'm doing it anyway this morning. I don't want the season to pass by without recording it somewhere {{because goodness knows that I can't print out a picture to save my life!}}

Christmas 2013 was introduced by way of coughs and sneezes and Shingles-- which could have altogether served to steal my joy. But truly, it didn't because instead I chose to enjoy slowing down. I've been working toward a goal of speeding up while simultaneously slowing down. I know that it sounds both impossible and oxymoronic; however, what it really boils down to is INTENTIONALITY. Quitting "busy" and choosing "full." But this is turning into an entirely different post that I surmised. 

In sum, our Christmas season was, indeed "full" rather than "busy." I was slowing down my bustle yet speeding up my intention. Through the process, I really enjoyed every moment of time with my family near and far. What a lovely Christmas. 

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  1. Your pictures make me happy. Divulge more on the speeding up and slowing down - such a good season of learning. <3


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