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Friday, September 20, 2013

It's been one of those days. You know the kind, right? A day when the kids push your buttons; You fling your protein shake all across the room when you shake it up because the lid wasn't snapped; You discover a leak in your "about to be carpeted" basement; and to top it all off, you have to use the plunger on a mess that you didn't EVEN make. {I could add more, fo' reals yo} Good grief. No joke, that ALL happened today.

But you know what else happened today? I spent 4 hours drinking iced tea and catching up with one of my most precious and soul-nourishing friends-- and it filled my heart. I choose to stick with a pretty tough detox and health program that I'm working right now despite not being able to choke down my dry spinach, flinging my protein shake all over the the table {and my shoes} and being so painfully sore that I couldn't even climb up my son's bunk bed ladder to tuck him in.

My day was an exercise in not allowing my circumstance to own my attitude. Tonight I'm choosing to press on, drink a huge glass of McDonald's water (um, don't knock it, there's something extra special about Mickey-D's H20, I'm tellin' ya!) and be extra thankful that I get to go to sleep in a few hours and wake up ready and waiting for a new day ahead armed with the victory that today didn't wreck me.

And friends, that's what living this life well is all about. I may have lost a few battles today, but I won the war over my flesh and over my feelings. I chose healthy over convenient. I chose extra hugs and diving into the Word with my husband and our littles instead of rushing them to bed so that I could take a breather {even though I was undoubtedly ready for some mental "down" time}. Some days I get pretty battered and bruised and I don't always come out the victor. But I am learning that each day is a fresh start and each small "win" adds up to a pretty big ball of wonderful-- even if there is a whole lot of lame thrown into the mix.

I hope that tomorrow is better. I believe it will be. But even if I get thrown a few duds, I'm going to work at winning {not trying to throw a Charlie Sheen your way either-- because I definitely don't want his kind of "winning" *shudder*}. I hope your day is awesome. Don't let a little lame throw you off your game. {Hey Jon Acuff, I think we just found our #STARTexp motto!} ;)

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  1. This is great Kirsten! How often do we let little things ruin an entire day when there is really so much good in each one?
    Thanks for the encouragement that we can be real and have some bad moments but we can have good ones right after!


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