That Time I Sent the Kids to Camp with Hobo Sacks

Monday, July 29, 2013

Oh right. Yeah. I almost forgot. That was just 4 hours ago.

Hear me out folks. Please note that the only mention of what to bring in the Parent Handbook specifies "brown or white paper bags" for sack lunches and "a plastic bag" for your child's swimwear. So being the rule-follower that I am, what did I do? I made them put their things in Target plastic bags-- you know, a step up from Wal-Mart. {'d do it too.} I mean, if they HAD to only have plastic bags, then they might as well be semi-stylish. I might've even tied gender centric fabric around each of the handles so they could quickly distinguish their plastics bags from the others.

Anywhooo... I arrive at camp promptly at 9:45 this morning and hop out of the car only to be invisibly gut-punched by a sea of happy campers {ha! see what I did there?}-- all carrying BACKPACKS! My kids didn't really care or notice, but I felt like some schmaltzy emcee walked right up and handed me the "Mother of the Year" award for sending my children off to camp looking like Hobo Joe. I also have a suspicion that the fabric tags only added to the homely vibe.

Egad! I shall never send Peyton and Parker to camp posing as homeless hitchhikers again. Hopefully this is not a day that will be forever remembered in Smith family infamy, but I wouldn't bet on it.

I may have possibly taken the rule-following a bit too far this time. If only my sense of obedience applied to library book due dates it might just come in handy. Alas, it does not.

Tomorrow, they carry backpacks-- and I pack them an extra awesome lunch to win back some cool-points. I'll let you know if it works.

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