End of School 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

Let's all just pretend that today isn't July 5th, but rather May 24, 2013. I'm just looking at the glass as half-full and doing a little happy-dance that I got these pictures up on the blog less than two months after the end of the school year. Victory is mine declareth this momma! 

As for these two, they still spend the majority of their time together and hold hands when they explore something new and fun. I adore that they really are the best of friends. I know that it won't last forever {at least the hand-holding and giving each other sweet kisses on the top of their heads part}, but I'm savoring these days. 

My little pickles are headed into the 1st and 3rd grades next year. My momma heart is a smidge-bit sad, but mostly thrilled that they love school and are doing so well. 

I apologize for not having a 4th of July recap...I had such a relaxing time with my family that I failed to pull out my camera. There is one pic over in my "Instagram" feed on the sidebar, but it's just my munchkins in the hot tub out at my aunt and uncle's house. While we're talking Instagram, if you don't hang out there already, you should! Click on over and follow my adventures

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