That Time I Sent the Kids to Camp with Hobo Sacks

Monday, July 29, 2013

Oh right. Yeah. I almost forgot. That was just 4 hours ago.

Hear me out folks. Please note that the only mention of what to bring in the Parent Handbook specifies "brown or white paper bags" for sack lunches and "a plastic bag" for your child's swimwear. So being the rule-follower that I am, what did I do? I made them put their things in Target plastic bags-- you know, a step up from Wal-Mart. {'d do it too.} I mean, if they HAD to only have plastic bags, then they might as well be semi-stylish. I might've even tied gender centric fabric around each of the handles so they could quickly distinguish their plastics bags from the others.

Anywhooo... I arrive at camp promptly at 9:45 this morning and hop out of the car only to be invisibly gut-punched by a sea of happy campers {ha! see what I did there?}-- all carrying BACKPACKS! My kids didn't really care or notice, but I felt like some schmaltzy emcee walked right up and handed me the "Mother of the Year" award for sending my children off to camp looking like Hobo Joe. I also have a suspicion that the fabric tags only added to the homely vibe.

Egad! I shall never send Peyton and Parker to camp posing as homeless hitchhikers again. Hopefully this is not a day that will be forever remembered in Smith family infamy, but I wouldn't bet on it.

I may have possibly taken the rule-following a bit too far this time. If only my sense of obedience applied to library book due dates it might just come in handy. Alas, it does not.

Tomorrow, they carry backpacks-- and I pack them an extra awesome lunch to win back some cool-points. I'll let you know if it works.

Waiting for Routine

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I never quite realized just how much of a creature of habit I am. Not necessarily in the details of everyday, but rather in the quiet hum and flow of life in general. Summer threw me a curve-ball. You would suppose that after spending almost seven years with at least one kiddo in tow at all times, that my "normal" would revolve around the buzz of little voices filling the house. On the contrary, I've felt a little bit lost without my alone time this summer. {In much the same way that I felt "a little bit lost" when they first trotted off to school last fall.}

Having my two little "P"'s at home with me is a joy and blessing. I soak in the minutes that we spend together and am all too aware of days that slip past without so much as a wink and a nod. And my heart reels with the reality that one day I will wake up each morning with far too much time for "me."

We just pulled back in from a trip to Florida LATE Sunday night-- and the icing on the vacation cake is that my littles are sniffling and sneezing and needing an extra dose of patience and love from me while their bodies heal. In the middle of a tornado of unpacking, laundry and cleaning I'm choosing to play a board game, snuggle in for a movie, make them an extra snack. It may not be my normal, but while I'm waiting for my routine to swing back into effect, I'll gratefully enjoy the interruption.

P.S. And just because I love Disney World-- and I've been waiting anxiously to blog about it, I'm about to open the Disney blogging floodgates with some reviews and tips over the next month. Get plan a vacation. ;)

The Sweetest Mermaid Divided Tote Car Organizer

Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Monday. Well, maybe. Kinda. Sorta. We've had a case of the MONDAY's around our house today. {Boo} Thankfully attitudes were adjusted accordingly and we seem be to sailing right along now. I hope it stays that way. Let's skip on to more fun topics, shall we?

If you're a personal Facebook friend, you know that I asked yesterday afternoon if anyone knew where I could find a backseat car organizer for our upcoming drive down to Disney. You all gave me some AWESOME ideas, but being the stubborn girl that I am, I decided to grab some fabric from my stash and make one with a little character. Thanks to you, I knew that if I failed miserably I could make an emergency call to a 31 rep or skip on over to Target.

Two hours and one amazing "Divided Basket" pattern from Noodlehead later and I'm thrilled with the results! Parker adores it, and I am making a vintage-y comic book tote for Peyton today. I'm also entirely convinced that I want a million of these throughout the house! So practical and so so cute!

Anything to make riding in the car more fun gets my vote! You know, like Xanax {not for the children}. I kid..., eh, kinda.

Have a wonderful Monday. I'll post pictures of Peyton's tote when I get that finished too. In the meantime, if you like to sew, Anna's {Noodlehead} pattern is one to have on hand. There are so many ways that you can customize this. Think baby shower gifts. A bath time fun tote. Fill it up with craft supplies. A knitting caddy. The list goes on and on and on. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND. --Sorry. Just getting into the Disney spirit there. 

End of School 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

Let's all just pretend that today isn't July 5th, but rather May 24, 2013. I'm just looking at the glass as half-full and doing a little happy-dance that I got these pictures up on the blog less than two months after the end of the school year. Victory is mine declareth this momma! 

As for these two, they still spend the majority of their time together and hold hands when they explore something new and fun. I adore that they really are the best of friends. I know that it won't last forever {at least the hand-holding and giving each other sweet kisses on the top of their heads part}, but I'm savoring these days. 

My little pickles are headed into the 1st and 3rd grades next year. My momma heart is a smidge-bit sad, but mostly thrilled that they love school and are doing so well. 

I apologize for not having a 4th of July recap...I had such a relaxing time with my family that I failed to pull out my camera. There is one pic over in my "Instagram" feed on the sidebar, but it's just my munchkins in the hot tub out at my aunt and uncle's house. While we're talking Instagram, if you don't hang out there already, you should! Click on over and follow my adventures

The Bombshell Swimsuit: A Review

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's Wednesday, which around here lately has meant absolutely nothing, except that I probably wasn't going to find the time to post. But *ta-da* I'm here today and doing double duty by posting photos for "What I Wore Wednesday" {although I'm actually going to be wearing this tomorrow for the 4th} AND giving you my review on the Bombshell swimsuit pattern by Heather of Closet Case Files.

I stumbled upon this post over at Sew,Mama, Sew. Which led me here. And then I followed that little bunny trail to Closet Case Files. Boy am I glad that I clicked through all of those links because this just might be my very favorite sewing project EVER!

Swimsuit fabric has been happily hanging out in my fabric stash since I went on a little Lycra binge last summer. Unfortunately I never mustered up the courage to attempt a swimsuit-- which I had planned on doing for Missy Parker. Then I found the Bombshell and I figured that I had might as well throw caution to wind and "Go big" or "Go Home!" Right? Right.

Well, lucky for me, Heather did a super-stellar job at drafting this pattern. I was shocked at how simply it came together. And when I slipped it on, it was swimwear love. Which, come on, I'm a thirty-something momma, "swimsuit" & "love" haven't been spoken in the same sentence since I was 17. I adore the throwback vintage look and ruched details are ALWAYS flattering. My favorite thing/s about this suit is the ruching up the center back AND how the bottom comes down low and doesn't creep up {you KNOW what I mean}.

There you have it. 

I foresee many of these little bathing beauties in my future! 

Thank you, Heather, for one incredible pattern!!!

Moving from Wordpress BACK to Blogger

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Are you asking yourself, "WHAT?! WHY?! Is she CRAY-ZAY?!" You did read the title of this post correctly. I AM making the huge switch back to Blogger from Wordpress. As functional and awesome as a self-hosted Wordpress site is, I just can't quite describe how, at the same time, it was lacking something almost felt like it was lacking, That's right. I said it. COMMUNITY. I felt a little lonely in the Wordpress universe. Y

Maybe it has something to do with Google Friend Connect {which is supposedly going to dissolve one of these days anyway}, or perhaps it has to do with the fact that Blogger sites feel more like blogs rather than websites, I dunno. Either way, it's been hovering in my brain for a long time, and it just felt like perhaps it was time to follow my heart and come back home to Blogger. 

So here I am. Despite the fact that I'm going to have to manually go back through my blog and upload ALL of my photos again {insert your gasp here!}, I'm going to give this experiment a shot. We'll see how it all goes. 

I'm feeling content and simplified. I think that we can ALL agree to the merits of simplicity for the sake of sanity. 

I'm even going to break the blogging rules again and skip adding a photo this time! YIPES! You'll live, right? Yeah. Me too. See you around these parts. Bear with me while I get all "moved in." 

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