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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I assume that you've all heard the phrase, "Jack of all trades, master of none." Well, sometimes that little ditty just sing-songs it's way throughout my mind for better part of any given day. It's annoying. Moreover, it's annoying because I can't stop thinking of myself as Jack. Something about it just doesn't sit quite right.

And frankly, I think that being "Jack" is depressing.

Something in that phrase leaves me feeling lacking. Like even though Jack dabbled in a lot, he somehow still came in last place.

I promise that I'm not on a quest for perfection. That would only leave even the best of us feeling inadequate and disappointed. But as 2010 sweeps in, I am on a mission to live with Intentionality. It makes me wonder whether or not Jack was an intentional sort of fellow.

What does intentionality mean anyway? For this wife, mommy, daughter and friend, it means that I commit to live with intention and purpose. I commit to ask the Lord what His purpose is for me and then live intentionally to see that purpose through.

Do you know what the opposite of intentional is? Haphazard.

Jack just seems to be a little bit haphazard to me. I don't know why. It's not a fair judgment, but that's just how that jingle plays out in my head. The idea being, "Lots to do with little purpose in doing it." Yech. Ugh. Eww.

It really has nothing to do with how good we are at doing anything; It has everything to do with how intentional we are in doing everything.

I guess I'm just fine with being a "Jack of all trades" as long as I'm doing life with a Live.Love focus. At the end of this year, the only thing that I hope and pray that I've mastered are my own intentions. And that in doing so, I've set aside or thrown out my ideas and efforts in exchange for His.

Because He is the master of all trades-- and I'm just Jack.
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  1. I love you so much, and I'm with you on this post! My favorite phraise in a long time??

    "He is the master of all trades-- and I'm just Jack."



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